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Art Bootcamp!

I have just finished 5 months of portfolio boosting learning with the Make Art that Sells Art Bootcamp, which I was lucky enough to win a free place on! Each month the course presented a new creative theme broken down into bite sized pieces so you can create your best art work for the main assignment possible. It was such fun to do and certainly gave me some challenges...From an abstract backpack, a rose covered gardening journal, mugs with a theme of immigration, travel and hope to the more tricky self reflecting mind map and a full children's book spread (text and all!) which had to include a hummingbird in shoes and a mouse with wings...Lee Foster-Wilson Art 2017Funnily enough the children's book spread was the one I was most intimidated by, maybe because I have always felt like I have a kids book in me somewhere and this was the one I should really get right, but once I had my text thought up it flowed and I was really pleased with the avenue perhaps?!

I can't recommend this annual course enough for those wishing to further their portfolio development or try a new avenue for the work. As well as the art development there were bonus trend boards each month and live chats with experienced art agent Lilla Rogers and her team.

I am taking another of their classes this summer, I loved it that much! If you want to find out more I encourage you to head to the Make Art that Sells website...

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Marine Life

I have been meaning to post about the new Girls Who Draw Marine Life postcard book for AGES but as usual life has made sure this little blog gets seen to last on the list…right now though I have a moment so I would like to give them a post of their own because frankly, they are awesome.

marinebooksIf you aren’t familiar with the Girls Who Draw postcard books this paragraph is for you, if you are then skip on! Girls Who Draw are an all female group of illustrators and artists who produce a limited edition postcard book once a year along a certain theme. I have been involved in the last three years, Mythical Creatures, Masquerade and now Marine Life…we each get two postcard books each to illustrate and being an interchangeable line up 12 of us that makes a whole 24 postcards per book!


marinecards1 marinecards2I loved this years theme of Marine Life, what with living by the coast, undersea worlds and boat/ sea vistas often find their way into my work so it was a nice excuse to paint more on this theme!

As well as my Seahorse and Octopus, this year’s book features the work of Alexandra Snowdon, Alys paterson, Anke Weckmann, Belinda Chen, Caroline Pratt, Jane McGuinness, Karoline Rerrie, Kristyna Baczynski, Laura-Kate Chapman, Ruth Green and Yee Ting Kuit.

Seahorse:marineseahorseOctopus:marineoctopusYou can find the books for sale HERE and be sure to check out the last couple of years books too of which I have a few left in the paper goods section of the shop…Pull the postcards out to send to friends, frame, prop on the mantlepiece or keep the book intact, the choice is yours!

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