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Black friday…


It wouldn’t be the end of November these days without a bit of a sale:Black15

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Sharpie Sketchbook!

Some recent sketches from my sketchbook. I recently found a massive box of Sharpies on a half price offer while shopping for boring things in the chaos of WHSmith and it turns out that I really love sketching with them. They are easy graphic colour and mixed with biro and pencil, their unforgiving permanence have made me think differently about layering and planning images. I like it!

Of course, hands and flowers feature a lot…

Bouquet 1 - Lee May Foster-Wilson Bouquet 2 - Lee May Foster-Wilson cats Cupid - Lee May Foster-Wilson Gardening - Lee May Foster-Wilson Hands - Lee May Foster-Wilson Koi Carp - Lee May Foster-Wilson Pink Pattern Flowers - Lee May Foster-Wilson Waterers - Lee May Foster-Wilson Wild Flowers - Lee May Foster-Wilson Woodland House - Lee May Foster-Wilson

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Blue Bouquet LitI have been so excited about this new limited edition collection of lampshades for so long now and they are finally here and in the shop!

I collaborated with Jane Warren of The Lampshade Loft to bring you these and I am so happy with the outcome. Her attention to detail and neatness is amazing and they look so good! They are a classic drum style in a size which suits table and floor lamps as well as ceiling lamps in smaller rooms or hallways and I hand printed each one with a gradient ombré effect in colours reminiscent of a low summers sunset or lights glowing on the horizon on a summers night…They are available in two designs, our paint spots design and a new bouquet botanical design (look out for that one on more pieces this summer too)

They are very limited edition and I only have a handful available, so if you have a lamp in need of some colour and pattern head THIS WAY and you might find a shade to suit!LAMPSHADESJUNE15Blue Paintspots Close

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Excellent Fruit

There’s a new collection in the shop! I’ve had a bit of an obsession with pineapples lately, I think they have been my craving during this pregnancy – juicy, sweet and oh so tasty! They look so good too so I’ve been painting them and making prints from them and thus, the new collection…

There is a new scarf design available in two colours, a t-shirt (I’ve not made a t-shirt design in forever!) a brand new locket, a card and a print…these pineapples have gone onto everything. The fabric prints have been printed in a shimmering gold which gives them a bit of a 70’s golden pineapple vibe and the locket is teamed with a vintage golden ball and glitter perspex mini disc furthering the look.

I hope you like them!excellentfruitblogexcellent fruit close up print blog Excellent Fruit Pineapple Tee Print blogSee and shop them HERE!

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A catch up…

pile of pendantsThe new pendants are selling like hotcakes, thank you to everyone who has bought one! I have noticed a sudden increase in June birthstone personalisation…are you a June baby? Perhaps one of them is for you!

If you would like to read a bit more about what it is to live and work in Cornwall, about how my work has developed since becoming a mother and other Bonbi things then head on over to the Nomads Clothing website. They were kind enough to feature an interview with me on their blog!

There have also been a couple of lovely blog features elsewhere…the Know Thyself Pendants were featured on Style Cartel over the weekend (lovely aside from the misspelling of my name, we’ll forgive them though…) and my paintings and prints had some big ups on the amazing art blog Artistic Moods which is filled to the brim with inspiring treats for your eyes…

Bonbi Forest instagram followers will be aware that I have new things brewing again…one of them being a new Bonbino baby who is due in August (exciting times ahead!!) and the rest being new prints of stars, florals and pineapples and other bits and pieces. I also have Christmas on the brain but no one wants to hear about the festive season in June, so you’ll have to wait for that…


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Lionhearts and Self Knowledge…

If you have been following goings on over on the Bonbi Forest Instagram or Facebook feeds you may well have seen that there has been some rumblings and mutterings of new enamel pieces in the works…Well, they are now here and available to buy in the shop!


‘Be Brave’ and ‘Know Thyself’ are designed to be for those at the start of something new, or about to take a leap into the unknown. They are kind of like a modern talisman to remind the wearer of their inner Lionheart and to stay true to yourself no matter what comes your way. They can be personalised too making them great gifts for milestone birthdays or exam, ‘see you soon’ and good luck presents…To make them extra special you can also add a little initial charm, a Swarovski Crystal birthstone or both!

I like the idea of having the courage to follow your heart and creating your own luck so these have been a dear design to make for me, I hope you like them too! See them in the jewellery section of the shop…

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Of the Sky!

StarnecklacemannequinThere is a new mini collection in the shop – Of the Sky. I am endlessly drawn to that great, infinite, ever changing expanse above us. Light or dark, day or night, still or angry it’s a wonderful source of inspiration and the new collection is another small reflection of that.

Tiny raw brass stars, moons and lightning bolts have been paired with unusual matte black and shimmering pearl white perspex geometric triangles and diamond shapes to make up the collection. Each piece is designed to be small, lightweight and easy to wear. A little bit of the sky’s wonder for everyday wherever you may go…

See them all in the shop HERE!

Necklaces Starnecklaces Earringsworn earrings

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Have a sweet easter!


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Mother’s Day!

Have you got a little something with which to treat your mama this Mother’s Day? There’s a few ideas in the Bonbi shop dontcha know, and if you order by 12 noon on Thursday 12th it will get to you in time!


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Love tokens

Hey! It’s been a while…You guys kept us SO busy over Christmas and January was very busy too, so much so that we’ve been busy trying to stock up but are still having to make lots to order! So first off I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has ordered from us recently, you are helping to keep this Bonbi dream alive and I am very grateful to you.ATLast Autumn I was working away on some new enamel pieces which I am very happy to finally have in my mitts and they are now available on the website… They have been a long time coming as I have dreamed about enamel pieces for a couple of years now. At last the planets have aligned and I have been able to put them into production and the first pendants are a mini collection based around the themes of love and connection, handily being launched in time for Valentines!

They aren’t just for Valentines though, the idea for them was to create a love token of sorts, not just for romantic love but also for love between relatives and friends…any connection where bonds and love are strong enough to last forever. The You Hold the Key piece with it’s traditional love heart shape portrays romance while the image of flowers held together by the infinity symbol bow on the Always Together pendant depicts connection and warmth.

You can also make them a special memento with the addition of personalised initials, perhaps for you and a significant other or for a mother and her children. They are also available without the initials, perfect to wear as a symbol of your love for another or as an anonymous gift from a guy to a gal perhaps? Cute, eh?

They are available in the shop now in gold and silver versions…have a lookie HERE!YHTKIn other news the brilliant Amelia’s Magazine posted a catch up interview with me last week. I talk about motherhood, inspiration, the new collection and gush a bit about Cornwall. You can read it HERE!Ameliainterview


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