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Reach out…

There are two new pieces in the shop: A scarf of hand stalks and a double chain necklace of reaching hands!

Hands are symbolic of so much in many different cultures. To me they are the means of my trade, in making things, my work has what we call ‘the hand of the artist’ showing in many aspects of it, from the hand applied images of the lockets to the screen prints and paintings. In another way they represent warmth and kindness, a hug, someone reaching out to help, holding hands with a beau or giving reassurance to a baby bean. I made these two pieces with those things in mind…

Hand-Stalks---Close-UpThe scarf features stalks, like trees or flowers but with hands reaching towards each other across a sky of stars…I like to think that when the scarf is worn as a shawl it is like a group hug of arms and hands wrapped around you. Ahhhh! It can be seen in the shop HERE.handsThe necklace has a hand on the locket reaching up and a raw brass stamped hand reaching down. It’s all black and gold and has a double chain…ready made and matchy layering!

Find it HERE in the shop…reachinghands1I have also put the prints from my last blog post in the shop too, they are available framed or unframed…head to the originals section of the shop to have a look!

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