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'Apple Eaters' Limited Edition Screen Print

Regular price £35.00

'Apple Eaters' was designed and made as one of a set of three limited edition screen prints first shown at the 2014 Cornwall Design Fair. The set was inspired by the hosts of the fair, Trereife House and the love of horses of the Le Grice family who own the house and park.

'Apple Eaters' is a 5 colour screen print produced in a strict limited edition run of 10 prints all hand printed by Lee May Foster-Wilson and depicts a pair of horses eating apples in the orchard, their favourite treat!

Printed in: Apricot, apple green, dark blue, cherry red and white onto 100% recycled ivory coloured card.

Each print has been signed and numbered.

The prints in this set are available unframed at £35 each or framed in a mandarin orange painted wood frame (as pictured) for £65 each. The frames have a clear acrylic glaze for easy shipping and come with hooks and string attached for hanging.

Please note that if you are ordering a framed print, please allow an extra 10 days for delivery.

Unframed print measures approx 35 x 25cm
Frame measures approx 40 x 30cm