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Red Horse Eating

Day 44 of my #100daysofrandomcolours Instagram challenge.

#100daysofrandomcolours was a personal challenge to do a new drawing every day for 100 days using only 3 Sharpie markers, a felt tip pen and a colour from my 4 colour bic biro all of which were picked blindly from my pencil case. The idea was to use colour combinations that I wouldn't normally choose and see where the colours took me in terms of subject matter.

Some combinations were easy to work with and others were horribly challenging (like the day I selected three very similar greens, a brown and a black! Ack!) but all made me work in a way that was new and exciting to me and since then Sharpies have become a permanent part of my materials arsenal. I love their permanence and vibrant colours!

The project finished on the 30th July 2016.