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**Second!** LIMITED EDITION Flowers Always Pendant - Dark

Regular price £10.00

These pendants are slight seconds meaning they have a few little imperfections...Some enamel in the wrong colour, a little scratch, a little patch of discoloured metal are some of the flaws you might find in the seconds, however they are all very small and don't detract from the design in any way.


Gold Plated: Only 4 available.
Silver Plated: Only 2 available.

The Flowers Always collection is inspired by the lovely quote by Claude Monet "I must have flowers, always and always" which I also subscribe to! It's self explanatory really...the presence of flowers adds colour to life, their beauty and scent brings a simple joy. This latest limited edition collection is a celebration of that and will bring some permanent floral colour to even the greyest day...

This hard enamel pendant bears a floral bouquet with the words 'Flowers Always' around the scalloped edge. The details are picked out in shades of bright yellow, darkest blue, teal green and palest pink.

Available on a 68cm (27") chain.

The pendant comes packaged in a natural cotton bag inside a Bonbi Forest origami pouch which makes it a lovely gift or a super sweet treat to yourself!

Pendant measures approx 4cm across.
Chain length 68cm (27")