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100 Days of Random Colours… Week 3

Bonbi Forest Admin / May 11, 2016

I’ve completed week three of this project already…I’m not sure how nice it is to have the passing of time documented like this, it feels like it is going by very quickly! At least I have lots of ideas brewing from these drawings and some sketchbooks filling up very fast.

Talking of which I have had a few requests for prints of these pieces and I am going to make a range of mine and your favourites available to buy as prints at the end of this project. Any feedback on which ones you like the most will be very welcome!

Day 15: Pink, lilac and black sharpie with blue felt pen and blue biro made me want to conjure some ferns!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 15 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 16: I found this combo of dark mint green, gold and purple sharpie with blue felt pen and black biro suprisingly hard to work with but I think it came good in the end.#100daysofrandomcolours Day 16 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 17: Who knows what kind of plant this is, I totally made it up…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 17 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 18: What looks like red here is actually a really dark orange (I don’t know why it photographed like this!) and teamed with ultramarine and sky blue with purple pen and black biro it made for a good colour combo, especially for this leaf pattern!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 18 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 19: I’ve been working on some birds for a commission so thought I’d get some more practise in! The pink pen took centre stage here with black biro accents on the birds and the sharpies made for a good tree…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 19 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 20: Inspired by a visit to see friends in Falmouth the day before and the amazing views from their new house.#100daysofrandomcolours Day 20 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 21: I thought I’d go for a different sort of pattern with this red, green, black and blue combo and it ended up being a bit festive!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 21 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi Forest…and that’s week three! I am already into week four, if you want to catch up with it day by day you can follow me on Instagram – @bonbiforest I was particularly pleased with today’s colourful offering of parrots! I’ll show them here in next weeks round up…

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