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100 Days of Random Colours - Weeks 11 and 12

Lee May Foster-Wilson / February 8, 2017

Here's another two weeks of last year's 100 day project! My resolution isn't going so well is it? My only excuse is that January was SO BUSY! Thank you so much to everyone who bought from the new Creature of the Night Collection...the 100 pins all went so fast but there are still lockets and limited edition Giclee prints for the nocturnal creatures in your life.

One we go with the 100 days:

Day 71: I've drawn a person! I used to draw lots of people but recently they have fallen away in favour of florals, horses, birds and cats...something about this dark orange, neon orange, peach, purple and green combo made me want to do this scene of a contented horse and rider.

Day 72: I never thought I'd say it but it turns out you can have too much peachy pink in a selection...despite my love of all things blush I found this combo rather a challenge! Perhaps there's not enough contrast for me?

Day 73: After all of the pinks yesterday, today I had an abundance of blues to work with! The peach felt pen was a saviour and I thought some simple carnations might lend a bit of beauty to your day.

Day 74: Black, green, dark orange and tan with a blue biro...I thought I'd go dark for this one using the bright colours just in the fire rather than making them the main event...challenging!

Day 75: Bright bright colours for this one and a tropical leafy frond sort of pattern...

Day 76: Neon pink, grassy green and sky blue sharpie with a grey felt pen and red biro combined to make this cliff top scene...sea and plants, two of my favourite things!

Day 77: Darkest blue and dark purple coming out of the bag first got me worried but then the running out pink and a sky blue felt pen with a red biro perked up the combo...phew!

Day 78: Black, silver and peach sharpie with a red felt pen and black biro really isn't a combo in my usual colour sphere but it wasn't too hard to work with...

Day 79: PINK!! And not a running out pink at that...I'm working on something vibrant at the moment and this combo has helped me set the tone...

Day 80: So this combination had a pink and I didn't make it the main focal colour! Are you proud? #willpower ☺️ It was teamed with yellow and red with a black felt pen and red biro for a summertime swan sunset scene.

Day 81: I LOVED drawing this moth with all those blues and that hit of orangey red...it got a bit serious though so the final flourish was a cheeky little face!

Day 82: Brown, gold and dark pink teamed with a blue felt pen and black biro...a Greek garden scene inspired by the gorgeous images of Jasper Conran's house in the Saturday Times Magazine this week.

Day 83: Dark blue/green, black the running out pink with a red felt pen and black biro...a simple leaf pattern today with a few of the shapes inspired by the different ferns growing in our Cornish hedges at the moment, so many different types...the closed ones are my favourites, they look strangely exotic.

Day 84: Red, silver and lilac sharpie with a gold yellow felt pen and red biro...This one was a tough combo, but a golden hour mountain scene saved the day!

Day 85: Neon orange (why does that never show up its brightness here?!) sky blue, and grey sharpie with teal felt pen and blue biro...I can't draw bows but I'm pretty pleased with the bouquet!

The last post for this project will be up in a couple of days and then I actually have some new things I want to blog about (oh yes I do!) stay tuned...

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