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100 Days of Random Colours - Weeks 13 and 14...THE FINALE!

Lee May Foster-Wilson / February 10, 2017

So, at long last (only 6 months late!) here are the final two weeks of my 2016 100 Day Project!

You might notice that I managed to do two drawings for day 97. I have absolutely no idea how but hey, an extra day of drawing is never a bad thing!

Day 86: Red, green and pale peach sharpie (made all the paler by the fact it's totally running out now) with another red felt pen and black biro...Another sunset scene but I'm working on something else with sunsets and they keep seeping into all my work!

Day 87: Red, pink, gold and brain with red biro...a layered floral garden of poppies.

Day 88: This one was inspired by a glorious beach we visited and the jellyfish we found there.

Day 89: A warm but dark selection today with a green biro hint...ponies grazing under a rising moon sky.

Day 90: I really liked this combo and I really liked drawing these leaves, even though colouring the background took FOREVER!

Day 91: These colours spoke of berries and juice, a thirst quencher indeed on hot days like these!

Day 92: An illuminated letter S which was some prep for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search (in which I made the final 50!)

Day 93: ONE WEEK TO GO!! Today's selection was a kind of dull rainbow of colours but once I had rainbow in my head I couldn't think of anything else to draw, so slightly dark rainbow it is 🌈 with the addition of a little dog wondering why he's been left out in the pouring rain.

Day 94: A strangely hard combo today but I managed to conjure an underwater scene with a big blue whale and seaweeds galore 🐳

Day 95: As I get to the end of this challenge I'm finding that's one of my sharpies are really on their last legs, this pink being one of them! It gives a new way of working with marker though at least, making them kind of like pencils to use... Just 5 more days to go, my Sharpie babies, 5 more days to go! Thought I'd draw some cheeky poochers today, I love these colours together 😍🎨🐶

Day 96: Maaaan, tough combo! One thing I have learned through doing this challenge is that neon yellow goes with very little, not least orangey red and dark purple :( Never mind, florals came to the rescue (kind of) and I enjoyed badly drawing the chequered table cloth!

Day 97 Part 1: Grey, neon green and gold sharpie with berry coloured felt pen and black biro...not your normal face colours but there's nothing wrong with pink skin, green hair and golden eyes, right?

Day 97 Part 2: Pink, orange and silver with a dark green felt pen and blue biro...I was so stuck but my man told me the colours looked like fish so here we have a Koi Carp scene, happily swimming amongst the lily pads!

Day 98: Today the sharpies were all pretty pastels and then I was given a hit of red with the felt pen and black biro...Carrying on my exotic bird theme I drew this guy! Not entirely sure what he is but I liked the patterns on his back...

Day 99: That really running out pink made an appearance again today, alongside gold and berry purple with a tan felt pen and green biro...Here's a peahen among the lupines for the penultimate day of this challenge! 🌿

Day 100: What else could today be but the full Sharpie and felt tip cast from the last 100 days 🌈 !

This project was so much fun and I've got so many new ideas and some very full sketchbooks from it. I already know what I am going to do for this years project and I am quite excited to get started though it doesn't start until April. Lots of time to plan then!

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