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100 Days of Random Colours - Weeks 7 & 8

Lee May Foster-Wilson / November 23, 2016

Um, so I'm SO BEHIND on updating my blog and the 100 day project aren't I? Life sometimes takes over and exciting projects get in the way and unfortunately blogging has to take a back seat...I've been working on some very exciting things this year which I will share here as soon as I can (One of them is so big and I can't even let you know about it until March, I might burst...) but in the meantime I am going to catch up on posting about the 100 Day Project which I finished in July, so long ago!

So here goes! Weeks 7 & 8:

Day 43: The selection for this one was BRIGHT! Neon yellow and pink with grey, a green felt pen and red biro gave me a little sunset woodland scene.

Day 44: That orange that comes out more like a red gets another airing for this one next to three slightly different green/blues and a red biro...It's been days since I drew a horse, thought I'd better redress the balance!

Day 45: The thing these colours first reminded me of was my old Pony Club tie, but I wasn't about to draw that (anyone else remember those? Do they still wear them?!) so instead here's a floral pattern in yellow, purple, darkest blue and Sky blue with black biro...

Day 46: Two pinks, a brown and a green with red biro gives us an attempt at the glorious Foxgloves that are unfurling in the hedges all around...

Day 47: Sky blue, peachy orange and neon green with a light peach felt pen and green biro, I thought it time for another exotic looking butterfly...

Day 48: Lots of blues here with some pink and red...More florals and I thought I'd try this high contrast bouquet in a vase.

Day 49: Purples, pink and gold had to be a Rhododendron after a visit to a beautiful garden yesterday where the colour was strong and the sun was bright.

Day 50: I can't believe I've done 50 already...How do you like today's green biro, pink, purple, darkest blue and Sky blue scene?

Day 51: I'm kick starting the second half of this project with some pink, neon orange and blue sharpie hands that have been decorated in black felt pen and red biro...Loving this combo!

Day 52: A strangely similar combo to yesterday and another floral pattern...I'm working on something else floral pattern based so I have them on the brain right now, thinking up new elements to include!

Day 53: Ultramarine, grey, a lovely purple and a green felt pen with a red biro seemed a bit tricky at first but they soon turned into a little robin perched in a technicolour tree.

Day 54: Today gave me a very pretty combination of warm hued sharpies with a green felt pen and red biro...Hello meadow flowers!

Day 55: I drew this on a Sunday so here's a cat in a circle...of course! This one had orange, pink and purple sharpie, a very similar purple felt pen and red biro.

Day 56: Quite a hard combo today, dark green, dark purple and gold sharpies with a dark blue felt pen and a green biro...I thought I'd design a trophy and adorn it with winner ribbons and a wreath.100 Day Project

I will add more this week, only another 44 days to show you!

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