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Flowery, arty, goofing…

Bonbi Forest Admin / May 28, 2014

I am a bit late in blogging these but there are a few new jewellery pieces in the shop! Two new lockets have been added to the clan: There’s the bouquet locket which is a take on a vintage style floral cameo and is teamed with a bunch of vintage Lucite and Swarovski flowers and a vintage brass leaf, and the artist locket with it’s painterly smudges and tiny little paintbrush…

bouquetartistSee them in the shop.

lightningearrings1The lightning earrings were an old Bonbi Forest staple and have always been so popular but for a while I couldn’t find a decent supply of the large brass lightning bolts integral to their asymmetric design…the good old internet came up trumps though and they are back in stock, hurrah! Only £10.50 too and available HERE! I have also made a new pouch for the scarves, hand printed with a little gradient of navy and fluorescent pink, so all scarves now come packaged in one of these, pictured below with a scattering of the tiny Artist Locket paintbrushes which are just too sweet not to mention!

paintbrushesbagsTalking of jewellery meet Morwenna, my wonderful sister-in-law and the new Bonbi Forest jewellery assistant! She’s pretty nifty with a pair of pliers and helps me out making a good deal of the Bonbi Forest pieces these days, you guys are certainly keeping her hands far from idle. Here we are goofing around modelling for a video promo for our friend Gemma’s new vintage hire company, Box & Cox (check them out!) Naturals, I think you will agree!

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