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A Deliciously Dreamy Job!

Lee May Foster-Wilson / February 28, 2023

Hello Bonbi Fruits of the Foresters, I have been meaning to share this dream project with you for some time now, since it was a Valentines release!

Lee Foster-Wlson Godiva Chocolates

Last year I was lucky enough to be commissioned by Godiva Chocolates to create a Valentine's Day chocolate box for their Japanese customers and what a treat this job was. The brief asked for the blessings of the cacao forest to be interpreted into a design that could appeal for people to give the chocolates to partners, family, friends and colleagues and I had a lot of fun drawing the cacao flowers, pods and little forest creatures to go with them.

With work like this it's useful to be able to submit the art as a layered file which can be achieved in Photoshop or Procreate, so I drew this piece in Procreate on the IPad leaving each motif in it's own layer. Having the artwork elements in layers means that the client can pick out bits of the design to create little details or change the colours to offer customers more options like the tiered black box and the cacao pod shaped box below.

Lee Foster-Wilson Godiva Chocolate BoxI love the little details inside the lid and along the front of the drawer at the bottom...it looks very luxurious!

Lee Foster-Wlson Godiva ChocolatesIt's always interesting to see what a client will do with artwork and this darker monochrome version brings a sophistication to the novelty shaped box.

Lee Foster-Wlson Godiva ChocolatesFor this Sables box the artwork was given a different background colour which differentiates the different type of confectionery from the more traditional chocolates.

Jobs like this are often worked on very far in advance, in fact, I was drawing this in February 2022 for the 2023 release so it was a long time coming and I am so happy with how the boxes turned out in all their different forms!

Lee Foster-Wlson Godiva Chocolates

What a dream job, I'd love to do more...I just wish I had a Japanese Valentine to send me some to sample!

Lee Foster-Wlson Godiva Chocolates

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