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Insta Round up: Recent Sketches...

Right Now I am busying myself working on the next Limited Edition collection which is due out in March...I'm pretty excited about this one!

I've been sharing some sketches over on my Instagram account...just ideas and patterns ready to be transformed into goodies for you. I'm thinking of all things magical! Without wanting to sound naive, I just feel the world needs it right now. Occasionally escapism is a good thing.

I irregularly post found colour over on Instagram and here is this week's: The worlds smallest piece of red sea glass! Finger for scale of course...I am very lucky to live very close to the sea with a choice of several beaches within a five minute drive. Taking my children to the beach is such a treat, one loves climbing rocks, the other loves paddling and I love beach combing while we are there. Red sea glass is so rare around here, I've only ever found two pieces including this tiny chip which was flicked out of the sand on the toe of my toddler's welly boot. My nerdy beach comber heart leapt and now it's in my even nerdier 'Special Jar' (yeah, I know...)

If you want to follow along I can be found here: @bonbiforest and for #mumlife vibes, more sea glass and quite a lot of horses I have a personal feed: @bonbilee

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