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It’s been a busy printing time…

Bonbi Forest Admin / April 30, 2014

It’s been a busy printing time recently, lots and lots of scarves have been made in the last few weeks to keep up with orders and get on top of stock and the box I keep them in (up there under the bench looking rather empty!) is looking a much healthier for the time being, like it just ate 100 scarves. Phew.

I needed to get on top of it really, partially an over due new years resolution to stop needing to print to order so much and partially because I have a new design coming soon too! Watch this space, it’s coming with a couple of new jewellery designs in tow AND some new home wares as well. Exciting, non?

Can I keep on top of the printing now? Ha, only time will tell…


In other news, I have had a lovely couple of interviews written recently too. If you so wish to read them, one can be found on the blog of one of our lovely Bonbi Forest stockists, Artsy Modern HERE!

The other interview is in print in Homemaker Magazine and comes complete with a screen printed tea towel tutorial, hurrah!

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