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It's been a while...

Lee May Foster-Wilson / November 4, 2021
Hello from lee Foster-Wilson
Hello everyone! Well, it's been a while...I don't know what's compelled me but I am reviving this old blog here. Does anyone actually read blogs any more? Well, I'm hoping that I can offer some thing of worth here once in a while, perhaps some creative tidbits or other treats...we shall see! 
I won't go back over everything that has occurred the past nearly 4 years but this week I have been busying away adding some new paper stationery to the shop. I have been really enjoying designing for paper products recently and now in addition to my notebooks and washi tape I have just added tear off notepads and writing paper to the shop! It's an outlet for the patterns I really love making with a wildly grand fabric collection in mind (not that I can sew...) but since that's not forthcoming as yet, patterned paper is where they are landing for now.
I have also set up a new Patreon where I offer some proper peeks at what I am working on, the good, the bad and the ugly of my sketchbook and a couple of weeks ago I also shared how fun it is to put a pattern tile into repeat. Have a look over there if you fancy seeing more...
But for now, here are the lovely, papery treats in store now, ready for the stationery lovers in your life...or yourself of course!
Notepads, notepads including one specifically for sewing fans...I made that one for the seamstress I wish I was!
Bonbi Forest notepads
Bonbi Forest Tear Off Notepads
and writing sets! A few people asked me about making these so I obliged (you're welcome) and again, a lovely outlet for my patterns with their fully patterned backs and little borders. 
Bonbi Forest Writing Sets
The bird pattern with the leaf fronds that is both a notepad and a writing set (so versatile!) started life as a sketchbook doodle, then I recreated it in Procreate. Making a pattern that winds and twists in repeat has long been something I have wanted to do and I finally figured out how. There was lots of tooing and froing between Procreate and Photoshop but the end result is well worth it. I think it's one of my favourite things I have ever made! Wrapping paper next, maybe?
Lee Foster-Wilson Drawing
Right, well, that's the first little update, I will be back with more soon! In the meantime don't forget you can find me on Instagram and Patreon. See you there!
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