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Lionhearts and Self Knowledge…

Bonbi Forest Admin / May 19, 2015

If you have been following goings on over on the Bonbi Forest Instagram or Facebook feeds you may well have seen that there has been some rumblings and mutterings of new enamel pieces in the works…Well, they are now here and available to buy in the shop!


‘Be Brave’ and ‘Know Thyself’ are designed to be for those at the start of something new, or about to take a leap into the unknown. They are kind of like a modern talisman to remind the wearer of their inner Lionheart and to stay true to yourself no matter what comes your way. They can be personalised too making them great gifts for milestone birthdays or exam, ‘see you soon’ and good luck presents…To make them extra special you can also add a little initial charm, a Swarovski Crystal birthstone or both!

I like the idea of having the courage to follow your heart and creating your own luck so these have been a dear design to make for me, I hope you like them too! See them in the jewellery section of the shop…

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