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Making time

Bonbi Forest Admin / July 31, 2014

Painting is the basis of everything I do but even so, sometimes it is too hard to find a moment to sit down and absorb myself in it. Recently though a few pressing deadlines mean I have had to make the time…Isn’t it always the way, certain things you tell yourself you never have time to do and then they have to be done and somehow the time just turns up?!

So there’s a little resolution for me, MAKE time to paint, other things can wait.

For the time being I tend to paint at home. The studio is for screen printing, jewellery, packing orders, general Bonbi chaos…painting is relaxing and can be done when Ruby is sleeping or when dinner is simmering or even out in the garden in the sunshine, which I have taken to do in the past few weeks, it’s pretty blissful that alfresco painting lark!

Here is the hole I paint in on greyer days (complete with broken scissors and ancient stencils):painty holeA sketch for something bigger:Horses sketchPaint run off:paintySomething new and exciting and yet to be revealed:foliageA ginger scruff head in a duvet bundle:Ginger scruff

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