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Mirror Mirror…

Bonbi Forest Admin / May 8, 2015

I have been adding some original artwork to the shop this week. These pieces aren’t brand new as I made most of them in the last couple of years, but I have been meaning to get them up for sale for a while. They have been enjoyed around our house and I will be sad to see them go but I need to make space for more pieces that are coming through!

itshardyoThese Mirrors are the oldest of the new pieces (does that make sense?!) I made them a while ago and LOVE them and really want to make more. They have proved to be a beast to photograph though which is why I have been sitting on them for so long!! How do you photograph an etched mirror without being in the picture yourself and showing all of the detail clearly? Lots of it is reflected in the mirror backing so unless you picture it head on the design comes out all doubled up, which is super pretty in real life but doesn’t look so good in the pictures…anyway, I have done my best which doesn’t really do them justice but I could hide them away no longer! They can all be seen in the shop HERE.

Meeting Horse Mirrormirrors1Pesky reflections!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 20.11.06Among the new painted pieces are the sketches I made for the three limited edition horse screen prints that I have for sale. I painted them in gouache to work out the layout and colours for the screen prints, which areas would need to be solid colours and which I would have to render in halftone for the prints. It was also a good excuse to get the paints out and step away from the computer for a bit and I think they stand up nicely on their own as individual paintings. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Grazing SketchApple Eaters CloseStanding Thinking Sketch unframed

I have also added the two paintings I made for last years Girls Who Draw Postcard Book which are really detailed little paintings on paper. All of the spots and dots and details of the seahorse and octopus made them interesting subjects for sure…and painting underwater plant life, OH! So much fun. These cuties and the rest of the paintings can also be seen in more detail in the originals section of the shop!seahorseoctopus

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