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New book - Nature, A Magical Journey Through the Year for the RHS

I am delighted to be able to reveal a new book that I worked on last year! Nature - A Magical Journey Through the Year is written by Sara Conway, illustrated by me and came out last week on World Book Day of all days! It is a celebration of the natural world through the seasons, taking you rom the first awakenings in Spring through to the end of Winter as well as exploring gardens from around the world and our role on this Earth.


It was a mammoth project as the book has 160 pages but I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I drew so many different things that my children are getting quite sick of me spouting the 'I drew one of those for the nature book!' quips whenever we are out and about!

 Anyway, here is a flip though and a selection of some of my favourite pages. It is available wherever books are sold on the internet :)




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