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April news!

Lee May Foster-Wilson / April 26, 2022

It's been a while since I posted here, I'm still trying to get back into the swing of the blog and I have much to tell you about! I will break it up into a few posts though to keep you coming back for more, yeah?

Today I just wanted to tell you about some new bits and pieces that I have added to the shop: Some sweet little bird cards and some brand new washi tape!

The cards as always are printed onto recycled card stock and come with matching envelopes. Both are blank inside for your own message. I like the Day by Day one a lot...a kind of reminder to take things slowly, step by step, day by day. It's much easier than trying to do everything all at once.

Bonbi Forest Greetings Cards - Day by Day and Burgundy Bird

And then there's the washi! A lot of designs had sold out and they are all restocked too. The new ones feature little birds (again!) or wonky stars. The birds compliment my colourful birds tear off notepad and I'm so pleased with the wonky stars...especially the lilac one, I have a bit of a thing for lilac at the moment, for me it's the millennial pink of 5 years ago, just soft and easy without being boring (for now anyway...)

Bonbi Forest Washi TapeBonbi Forest Washi Tape and Stationery

Talking of birds, my family and I watched the David Attenborough documentary about dinosaurs recently. At the end he said that it turns out that perhaps the dinosaurs aren't extinct, just the land dwelling and larger ones because there is good evidence to suggest that birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs. So they are still here, all around us 60 million years later. I'm totally fascinated by this.


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