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Pretty printy!

Bonbi Forest Admin / May 16, 2014

When I made the little lovers scarves earlier in the year I LOVED how the big painty smudges came out with the little scattered hearts with eyes and I’ve been playing with painty smudges again, this time in a new paint spots design.

When I started painting the spots I knew I wanted to incorporate some Bonbi style foliage into the design but wasn’t sure whether it should be part of the paint spots or separate. I had a couple of experiments (One pictured here which I may just yet use…) but settled on the plain spots which I worked some leaves into when I made the final design in that ever trusty tool, Photoshop.

painty-flowers paint-spots-painted

It was nice to get back to basics with the paints and splatting the swishing the paint around to make this design. It is available on a scarf which is printed in a lovely dark blue with coral (who doesn’t love a bit of blue and coral?!) and reminiscent of a camp fire burning in the darkening night…It’s the the perfect shoulder wrap for those chillier summer evenings. That’s how I’ll be wearing mine!

I have also developed new tea towels for the shop…just in time to make doing the drying a bit less dull when you would rather be out running around taking in the fresh air and the sunshine!


All available in the shop…

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