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Sketchbook Chat...

Lee May Foster-Wilson / March 24, 2022

Hello lovely Bonbi readers!

I recently filmed a new video for my Patrons about my latest sketchbook work - or lack of it! Sometimes when I am busy with client or commercial work my sketchbook gathers a bit of dust while I draw on a visual vocabulary that I'm already confident in to complete the project in hand, making quick colour compositions in Procreate to guide me.

Recently though I have felt a really strong desire to get back to making personal work, to push my analogue art on and to try to express the things I have been thinking about. My notebook is always where I start with this work in scribbled notes and half hashed ideas, and then I get to making the visuals in my sketchbook before considering the more finished pieces. So after my short sketchbook hiatus this video is all about what I have been doing to get back on track with a tool that is so important in my personal work.

Video still...Image of Lee's sketchbook featuring watercolour textures, fronds and florals.

I also chat a bit about working through creative block and a section of a book called Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés that I have found really helpful. Here is the excerpt I shared:

If you'd like to see the whole video please come and join in on Patreon! My starting tier, which is where I share studio updates and chats like this is £1 a month and I try to share weekly goodies and insights into what's going on with my artwork and studio...Hope to see you there!

Lee X

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