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Bonbi Forest Admin / January 15, 2016

starryStars are never far from my mind it seems, stars, flowers, horses and trees tend to be my go-to when I am not sure what to draw next. It’s a good job these are my favourite things to draw and look at (caveat: aside from my family of course!) and once again little stars have found their way into my work…

I came across a very cute phrase while researching my latest Valentines designs last year: “No Star to me as Bright as Thee” which comes from the tradition of the Poesy Ring. I’d never heard of these before but stumbled across them while researching traditional love tokens and I absolutely adore the idea of them. They were popular in the 15th – 17th centuries in England and France and are finger rings given to show love and regard with a short inscription inside the band.

Some of the phrases are very sweet and some of them that were probably very sincere 500 years ago are pretty funny now: ” I am your lot refuse me not” and “I like my choyse”

I’ve repurposed a couple of my favourite of these phrases in my new Valentines jewellery which will be available soon…here’s a little taster!

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