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Bonbi Forest Admin / June 11, 2014

I’m a sucker for a good gemstone, especially a rough cut nugget (see the Amethyst and Amazonite Antlers necklaces) or a rough faceted slab…Ugh, beautiful!

I have been going over my stone stocks and found these beautiful Ametrine, Labradorite and Agate pieces that I had squirrelled away for keeps but they are too good just for me so I decided to make them into some special limited edition pieces.

I have strung them on long chains with a two link section of super chunky chain which makes a great contrast between the materials…the Ametrine with it’s clear purple quartz with the odd yellowy smudge running through, the Labradorite which flashes the most A M A Z I N G blue in certain lights (seriously, one of my most favourite stones) and the gorgeous blue Agate which looks like an insect wing and has a little hole full of druzy crystal.

There are only 10 in total including just one piece of the blue agate and they can be snapped up HERE!

Stones, beautiful stones…

Agate…aagateAmetrines…amatrinesametrines2Labradorites…labradoritelabradorite flashes

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