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The Bonbi Forest Museum

Lee May Foster-Wilson / February 16, 2017

A couple of weeks ago you may have seen a new addition to the menu here at Bonbi Forest: A brand new 'Museum' section.

It is a collection of pieces I have made, little behind the scenes snippets, a few past features, old artwork etc which I started as a way to group my old work together. It occurred to me that so much old work is left forever unseen in the depths of long forgotten blog posts and drowned at the bottom of my Instagram feed so I thought it would be nice to gather lots of these pieces in one place as a kind of archive of my creative endeavours.

I haven't included EVERYTHING, that would just be nuts, but I have put one or two from past ranges or pieces of art that I feel are important to me. Newer art and projects outside of Bonbi Forest can still be found in the Art page of the website which is my most current portfolio.

The other reason for doing this is to keep a document of new pieces that I am making, many of which are going to appear as limited editions only and once they sell out they would be gone forever if not for the museum...

It's quite a task adding all of these pieces (many of which I had totally forgotten about!) so I am continually updating it...I hope you enjoy it!

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