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To the stars and into the wilderness…

Bonbi Forest Admin / April 7, 2014

I am lucky enough to live in a place where there is very little light pollution and on a clear night you can see millions of stars, even the Milky Way, so it’s inevitable that they find their way into my work so often…the sky at night is so fascinating!


The latest jewellery features more of their twinkling forms on the new Galaxies collar necklaces and earrings, little etched ones filled with gold on the pink metallic version and left white and contrasting on the blue ones. There is also the Wild horses collar, a nod to the countryside and the free sound of thundering hooves (one of my favourite sounds no less) and their matching Good Luck Horse Shoe Earrings.

galaxies-earrings-blue goodluckshoes

I design these pieces in illustrator and it has been a challenge learning not only the application but also giving it my own touch. The tools in Illustrator seem to make things very clean and lets be honest, I have a bit of a wayward hand which favours a more wobbly line and I really wanted to reflect that. I didn’t want the stars or the horses and the diamond shapes of the earrings to be too uniform or neat but lots of messing with them later, I managed to give them that Bonbi Forest touch! I gave the collars a little preppy scalloped edge and a hulking great Swarovski crystal and the earrings have the trademark brass star hanging from one of the back butterflies…they are pretty cute, I hope you like them.


This is the first post on the all new Bonbi Forest blog by the way! The old one is still live if you wanted to catch up on past goings on here at Bonbi Forest, it can be seen here –> www.bonbiforest.blogspot.com

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