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100 Days of Random Colours - Weeks 9 and 10

Thank you for all of the Creature collection love yesterday! The rection on Instagram and Facebook has been great and there will be lots of Creature of the Night goodies flying on their little moth wings to new homes today!

So, on with my 100 day project catch up. I really need to get this finished and on the blog as the next one starts in April and at this rate I will still be updating 2016's 100 day project when i'm starting 2017's...It's a resolution to keep the blog updated this year!

The 100 day project: Weeks 9 and 10...

Day 57: Quite a contrasting palette for today's selection...I'm working on some floral patterning for other things so thought I'd try another variation here with this red, lilac, black and green with red biro.

Day 58: The orange in this is actually neon but it doesn't show here, so this one is BRIGHT! It came out of the bag with the darkest blue and this pretty pink/purple, a green felt pen and a black biro...Luckily I wanted to draw some fruit so here are some neon Satsumas!

Day 59: A lovely bright combo today for this pattern. One thing I'm loving to do in this project is layering the colours...I find it works well in combinations like this where they are mostly of a similar tone to create a bit more depth and interest!

Day 60: Dark orange, sky blue and darkest blue sharpies, dark green felt pen and green's been a few weeks since I've drawn parrots here, that most colourful of birds, so here are some more! I'd not drawn them before starting this project but they are so fun to do...there's going to be more for sure.

Day 61: Pretty in pink ponies just y'know, hanging out under a tree, being pink.

Day 62: Neon green and neon yellow (argh!) with berry pink, a dark purple felt pen and green biro was a tough one but in the end seemed to lend itself quite well to a sunset over a field of flowers scene...

Day 63: Today's combination of two Jewel/berry pinks, yellow and dark green with blue biro had a very retro vibe and so needed a retro design! Something a bit different for me but that's what this project is all about, discovering new ideas and challenging myself with the unexpected.

Day 64: Two blues, two reds and a gold made me revisit my very old Eskimo Kiss idea...back when BF was a little fledgling I had a design similar to this printed onto t-shirts. Two people having an Eskimo kiss, no lips allowed.

Day 65: I plucked three of my newest sharpies for today's drawing, they came out of the pencil case with a bright green and the colours spoke of a Calathea Triostar!

Day 66: Two greens and a pink with blue felt pen and black biro...This day was a pretty big day in the UK and I knew how i was voting.

Day 67: I was feeling pretty on this day, worrying about how the leave vote will affect my business and in turn my young family over the next few years...These pretty nasturtiums went some way to cheering me a little though, especially as this turned out to be one of my favourite drawings of the whole project!

Day 68: I was still feeling blue about the previous day's result so this combo was quite apt...

Day 69: Two greens, two yellows and a lilac brought to mind budgies...I'm quite enjoying drawing exotic birds, it's conjuring all sorts of ideas!

Day 70: A pretty combo today of green/blue, blue and pink and purple with green biro and I thought I'd play with an ombré all over fern patter inspired by plants I saw on a walk this weekend...

Just over two more weeks of this project to document's actually quite nice going back over the drawings as there are so many I'd forgotten about. So many ideas to elaborate on and run with!

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Creature of the Night...

Happy New Year to one and all! I hope everyone had a fun and lovely festive season.

I still have to find some blogging time to continue with the 100 day project updates but needed to give you all a heads up about the new mini collection that just launched today!

Creature of the Night is a limited edition collection of a brand new pin, HAND GLITTERED giclee print (I know, right? Super sparkly art excitement!) and sweet new locket design. The imagery is inspired by little moths dancing towards the light, glowing flowers at dusk and the endless glittering stars above all seems more apt at this time of year when the days are short and the nights long.

I hope you like the pieces. They are all strictly limited edition so once they are gone, they are gone! Click the images below to see more or head to the shop...

Creature of the Night Pin: £10 Edition of 100Creature of the Night Pin

Creature of the Night Locket: £20 Edition of 80Creature of the Night Locket

Creature of the Night Hand Glittered Giclee Print: £16 Edition of 15Creature of the Night Giclee Print

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Yeah, I know, there's Black Friday offers everywhere...

...and yes, including in the Bonbi shop, but that's only because I wanna say thank you! My mission has always been to make artwork accessible and useful and make things that inspire, raise a smile and add a little colour to life and that's only possible thanks to the support I get from you, my subscribers, followers, customers and friends!

So THANK YOU! Treat yourself with 30% off from now until Midnight on Monday using the code BLACK2016 at checkout on any order of ANYTHING!

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100 Days of Random Colours - Weeks 7 & 8

Um, so I'm SO BEHIND on updating my blog and the 100 day project aren't I? Life sometimes takes over and exciting projects get in the way and unfortunately blogging has to take a back seat...I've been working on some very exciting things this year which I will share here as soon as I can (One of them is so big and I can't even let you know about it until March, I might burst...) but in the meantime I am going to catch up on posting about the 100 Day Project which I finished in July, so long ago!

So here goes! Weeks 7 & 8:

Day 43: The selection for this one was BRIGHT! Neon yellow and pink with grey, a green felt pen and red biro gave me a little sunset woodland scene.

Day 44: That orange that comes out more like a red gets another airing for this one next to three slightly different green/blues and a red biro...It's been days since I drew a horse, thought I'd better redress the balance!

Day 45: The thing these colours first reminded me of was my old Pony Club tie, but I wasn't about to draw that (anyone else remember those? Do they still wear them?!) so instead here's a floral pattern in yellow, purple, darkest blue and Sky blue with black biro...

Day 46: Two pinks, a brown and a green with red biro gives us an attempt at the glorious Foxgloves that are unfurling in the hedges all around...

Day 47: Sky blue, peachy orange and neon green with a light peach felt pen and green biro, I thought it time for another exotic looking butterfly...

Day 48: Lots of blues here with some pink and red...More florals and I thought I'd try this high contrast bouquet in a vase.

Day 49: Purples, pink and gold had to be a Rhododendron after a visit to a beautiful garden yesterday where the colour was strong and the sun was bright.

Day 50: I can't believe I've done 50 already...How do you like today's green biro, pink, purple, darkest blue and Sky blue scene?

Day 51: I'm kick starting the second half of this project with some pink, neon orange and blue sharpie hands that have been decorated in black felt pen and red biro...Loving this combo!

Day 52: A strangely similar combo to yesterday and another floral pattern...I'm working on something else floral pattern based so I have them on the brain right now, thinking up new elements to include!

Day 53: Ultramarine, grey, a lovely purple and a green felt pen with a red biro seemed a bit tricky at first but they soon turned into a little robin perched in a technicolour tree.

Day 54: Today gave me a very pretty combination of warm hued sharpies with a green felt pen and red biro...Hello meadow flowers!

Day 55: I drew this on a Sunday so here's a cat in a circle...of course! This one had orange, pink and purple sharpie, a very similar purple felt pen and red biro.

Day 56: Quite a hard combo today, dark green, dark purple and gold sharpies with a dark blue felt pen and a green biro...I thought I'd design a trophy and adorn it with winner ribbons and a wreath.100 Day Project

I will add more this week, only another 44 days to show you!

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100 days of random colours – weeks 5 & 6!

What is it about summer that makes life suddenly get so very BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

I’m a bit behind updating this project on the blog, it’s day 77 in real time but here are weeks 5 & 6 for you to peruse. Some of my favourite images of the whole project so far are in these weeks…the flamingos and the sleepy deer are two!

So, on we go:

Day 29: Neon yellow, purple, peachy pink sharpie with a dark green felt pen and blue biro…Slightly jarring fruit bowl, anyone?
Day 29 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 30: Jewel toned pink and blue, a brown and a light green with black biro and we’ve got a hanging planter…I really like drawing foliage!
Day 30 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 31: A pretty combo for this one: Pink, royal blue, dark grey and golden yellow with a blue biro. I kind of like it when the biro matches a colour in the pen selection, it means I can play around with depth and detail within a colour which is always fun!
Day 31 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 32: Neon pink, Granny Smith green and dark orange sharpie, tan felt pen and black biro…I’ve been working on a commission and drawing lots of birds, I have birds on the brain, so why not another?!
Day 32 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 33: I love a bit of orange and Aqua, it’s a pretty magic combination! I made a note to myself not to try and draw tiny eyelashes with a big old Sharpie ever again…
Day 33 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 34: We are a third of the way through (or near enough)!! Such lovely orange, peach, berry pink and greens for today’s garden pattern…
Day 34 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 35: Red, dark pink, teal and green with blue biro, not the most horse coloured colours but I’ve never been one to worry about such matters as that!
Day 35 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 36: I was a bit worried when two purples and a blue appeared out if the pencil case but the tan felt pen lifted the combo and I had a bit of blue biro for details. Voila! A beach scene inspired by exploring we’d done the day before…
Day 36 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 37: This day heralded the first use of one of my new birthday sharpies (I received a new limited edition pack with several colours I don’t yet have ) a lovely grass green! Teamed with neon orange, purple, blue felt pen and red biro I drew a little golden hour sleeping deer…
Day 37 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 38: Darkest blue, brown and pink sharpie with a golden yellow felt pen and blue biro…I haven’t drawn a bouquet hand for ages so here you go!
Day 38 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 39: Neon yellow, sky blue and gold sharpies with a green felt pen and black biro, thought I’d try something a bit different for me…Still floral though, of course!
Day 39 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 40: Another golden hour scene I’m thinking this one is more of a sunrise golden hour than a sunset The horse isn’t positioned exactly where I wanted it but once I’d committed that biro there was no going back!
Day 40 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 41: Flamingos! I mean, what else could I draw with this pen selection?!
Day 41 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Day 42: A good clashy colour combo for this one: purple, green and neon orange sharpie, yellow felt pen and green biro… A bit at a loss of what to draw I had a go at copying the floral pattern on my pyjama bottoms!
Day 42 Lee May Foster-Wilson-Bonbi Forest
Phew! More week and colour combos coming soon, in the meantime you can catch up with the rest on my Instagram: @bonbiforest ! It’s going well, I’ve only missed one day so far…amazing!

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100 Days of random Colours…Week 4

I’ve got a bit behind in posting these updates haven’t I? I’ve been busy working on a couple of commissions lately which I am so excited to share but I can’t yet!

Here’s week 4 of this project. It’s going well, just one colour howler in there of too many dark colours mixed with too many greens…that one was really hard!

Day 22: A colourful selection called for a rainbow of course…This one is reflected in a lake of lily pads, though I realised afterwards I should have put a frog in there!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 22 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi Forest Day 23: Another colourful selection, weirdly similar to yesterday’s but with slightly different pens…I’ve never done parrots before but these colours spoke to me of their tropical vibes.#100daysofrandomcolours Day 23 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 24: Golden pony in the sunshine! Despite the brown felt pen, the combination of neon yellow and pink with green biro gave this a surprisingly pastel look…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 24 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 25: This one was HARD! Hence the slightly homework still life vibe it’s got going on…I mean what to do with black, darkest blue, brown and neon green with more green in the biro?!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 25 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 26: So I know strawberries aren’t in anyway in a similar fruit vein to oranges and lemons but that’s what i thought of when I saw these colours so that’s what I drew…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 26 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 27: Two purples, blue and and a tan felt pen with black biro…I thought I’d draw a sleepy cat squashing some flowers.#100daysofrandomcolours Day 27 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 28: Pink, blue and gold sharpie with brown felt pen and red biro were plucked from the pencil case and inspired by a ride to the beach the day before, so emerged this cliff top scene.#100daysofrandomcolours Day 28 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestI’ll catch up with weeks 5 and 6 very soon! In the meantime if you’d like to see more search for me (@bonbiforest) over on Instagram where I am keeping up with these daily!

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Pins pins pins!

Pin badges seem to be having a bit of a renaissance at the moment and I have jumped on the bandwagon with a couple of Bonbi pin designs!

Be Brave has been one of my most popular pendant designs and after a few requests I have turned it into a pin too. It is slightly smaller than it’s pendant cousin but is available in the same gold or silver plate and is another little reminder that in times of self doubt, to take heed of your inner Lionheart…Bonbi Forest - Be Brave PinI also have some Personalised Pony Pins! These guys are already proving to be a hit. They are available as they are in pink or blue and in gold or silver plate or you can have an initial hand stamped in the heart on the pony’s bottom! Too cute.Bonbi Forest - Pony PinsBonbi Forest - Pink Pony PinsBonbi Forest - Personalising Pony PinsAll are available for £8 and with free shipping (Unless you buy something else from the shop too, then normal shipping applies) Head to the brand new Badges section of the shop to see more!Bonbi Forest - New Pins May 2016

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100 Days of Random Colours… Week 3

I’ve completed week three of this project already…I’m not sure how nice it is to have the passing of time documented like this, it feels like it is going by very quickly! At least I have lots of ideas brewing from these drawings and some sketchbooks filling up very fast.

Talking of which I have had a few requests for prints of these pieces and I am going to make a range of mine and your favourites available to buy as prints at the end of this project. Any feedback on which ones you like the most will be very welcome!

Day 15: Pink, lilac and black sharpie with blue felt pen and blue biro made me want to conjure some ferns!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 15 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 16: I found this combo of dark mint green, gold and purple sharpie with blue felt pen and black biro suprisingly hard to work with but I think it came good in the end.#100daysofrandomcolours Day 16 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 17: Who knows what kind of plant this is, I totally made it up…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 17 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 18: What looks like red here is actually a really dark orange (I don’t know why it photographed like this!) and teamed with ultramarine and sky blue with purple pen and black biro it made for a good colour combo, especially for this leaf pattern!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 18 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 19: I’ve been working on some birds for a commission so thought I’d get some more practise in! The pink pen took centre stage here with black biro accents on the birds and the sharpies made for a good tree…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 19 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 20: Inspired by a visit to see friends in Falmouth the day before and the amazing views from their new house.#100daysofrandomcolours Day 20 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 21: I thought I’d go for a different sort of pattern with this red, green, black and blue combo and it ended up being a bit festive!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 21 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi Forest…and that’s week three! I am already into week four, if you want to catch up with it day by day you can follow me on Instagram – @bonbiforest I was particularly pleased with today’s colourful offering of parrots! I’ll show them here in next weeks round up…

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100 Days of Random Colours… Week 2

I haven’t missed a day yet! It’s a really nice project to carry on with this one, I fit in the drawing while I have a brainless half hour after the children are in bed, watching some TV and chilling out before I start a bit more work for the evening…

Day 8: Horses, of course…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 8 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 9: I’m going to be drawing some birds for a project soon so i decided to get a bit of practise in with these pretty colours (I must retire that pink soon, it is really very worn out…)#100daysofrandomcolours Day 9 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 10: These colours were a definite departure for me but this one was FUN!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 10 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 11: The first day that the colours have been hard…Black, dark green, brown and yellow Not pretty!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 11 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 12: A hit of neon pink with dark pink and red redressed the balance after the horror show of Day 11…ahhh…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 12 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 13: We went on numerous beach trips last week so it was inevitable that the sea and it’s treasures would inspire me at some point, especially when that silver Sharpie came out of the bag!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 13 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 14: A little exercise in perspective after discovering that neon yellow is REALLY hard to work with when teamed with dark pinks and purples. It kind of looks ok here but in real life it’s a bit jarring…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 14 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestSo there’s week two, done and dusted! If you can’t wait for next week’s round up, don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram (@bonbiforest) to see each day AS IT HAPPENS. It’s pretty edge of the seat stuff…

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100 Days of Random Colours… Week 1

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen that I am taking part in this years 100 Day Project (#the100dayproject) which is a project where you are invited to think of a theme and create something along that theme every day for 100 days…I almost didn’t take part as I couldn’t think of a theme that I would want to stick with for that long, 100 days is a looong time and a lot of elaborations on one subject! Then about 10 days ago I was about to embark on one of my (almost) daily sketchbook scribbles and I decided to pick three colours at random from my pencil case, the resulting image was made with colours I wouldn’t normally choose and I really liked the challenge and process. So my idea for my own 100 day theme was decided upon right then!

Each day I am choosing three sharpies (I have a lot…), one fine point felt pen and flicking down a colour on my 4 colour bic biro and seeing where they take me…

Here are the first seven days:

Day 1: Easing in gently with some florals of course.#100daysofrandomcolours Day 1 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 2: So not my usual colour choice (no pink! No orange!) but it worked well with this little horse…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 2 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 3: Colours chosen by Ruby, which is as good as random considering she is three…can you guess what her favourite colour is?!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 3 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 4: A heavy orange and purple bias but with a touch of black biro it came good!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 4 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 5: Trying something a little darker…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 5 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 6: Though it was a beautiful sunny day these colours compelled a stormy scene…#100daysofrandomcolours Day 6 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestDay 7: Pink and purple made for another floral number!#100daysofrandomcolours Day 7 | Lee May Foster-Wilson -- Bonbi ForestIt’s not been too hard so far, the choices have been kind, but I am kind of looking forward to the sludgy colour day…Follow me on Instagram (@bonbiforest) to keep up with the daily challenge or check back here next week for the next instalment!

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