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Rock Pools Special Pre-Order

Welcome to the special pre-order of my new Rock Pools collection!

This fun collection of fish and shells explores the coastline where I live in Cornwall. Cornwall is 80% surrounded by the sea and I live not far from a little cove here. The constantly changing landscape there is fascinating to me, where the tide ebbs and flows turning land into sea and back again. How twice a day each rockpool returns to the sea as it rises and engulfs these small worlds and then leaves other oceanic debris behind as it recedes again.

These Rock pools are an exploration of the shapes and creatures that inhabit these spaces, which I have drawn from life and imagination. Acrylic inks are mixed on the page where I let the otherworldly colours layer and merge over and between each other, reminiscent of the constantly changing light under the water. The repetitive lines and marks on the shells and fish are a meditation on natures impressive geometry and patterns which I have studied from the numerous shells, remnants of small abandoned homes, that I have collected from the shoreline over the years I have lived here.

I hope you like this new work! There are prints of 6 rock pool prints in various sizes and sustainably made wooden fish and shells designed to bring a touch of underwater fun to your living space...display one amongst other art or group a collection in your bathroom!

Not to mention the opportunity to purchase my original artworks. I'm always sad to let go of any of my original art so you'd best be quick before I change my mind!


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