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Product Care


Bonbi Forest jewellery uses plated or raw brass metals with a selction of various stones, crystals and hand applied imagery. Follow these instructions to keep your jewellery looking tip top!

- Pieces with raw brass can tarnish over time. To make your jewels nice and shiny again give them a rub with a little brasso taking care not to get any on the plated chains or clasp.

- Slightly dampen a soft cloth with a very dilute soap and give plated parts a wipe to clean them. Take care to make sure they are dried throughly though with a either a dry soft cloth or hairdryer.

- WHERE YOUR JEWELLERY HAS A HAND APPLIED IMAGE PLEASE TAKE GREAT CARE NOT TO GET IT WET!! The surface of these pieces can be gently wiped with a soft cloth to remove any grime.

- Try and avoid wearing strong body lotions or perfume with your jewellery. Both can cause discolouration to plated pieces.

- To store your Bonbi Forest jewellery keep it in the organza bag it came in to protect it from dust.

- Never wear your Bonbi Forest jewellery in the bath or shower!

Clothing And Scarves:

All Bonbi Forest hand printed apparel is printed with environmentally friendly water based inks and ‘heat set’ to make sure they are completely washable. Follow these simple care instructions to make sure your piece looks it’s best for as long as possible:

- Wash in a cool cycle with items of a similar colour.

- Air dry scarves flat.

- Sweaters can be tumble dryed on the most gentle setting.

- Try to keep from storing strong coloured scarves in daylight. The base colour is hand dyed and the colour may fade if they are kept in strong light.

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