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I painted these two paintings for the Girls Who Draw Masquerade Postcard book last year and they have recently returned to me from travels to various exhibitions. I forgot how much I liked these two and seeing them in the flesh again has reminded me, they were a bit of a departure but REALLY fun to do. At the time of making them I sketched down various other themes in my sketchbook and I am going to paint more of these nature masks, there’s so much possibility and I love the idea of masks made from limitless environments and elements: the ocean, a forest, thunderbolts, sparkling cities, dry deserts and entire mountains!

Forest Floor and Under Sea are both original paintings in Gouache on paper, come framed and are priced at £75 each. Available HERE.

Forest Floor Original Under Sea Original

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Flowery, arty, goofing…

I am a bit late in blogging these but there are a few new jewellery pieces in the shop! Two new lockets have been added to the clan: There’s the bouquet locket which is a take on a vintage style floral cameo and is teamed with a bunch of vintage Lucite and Swarovski flowers and a vintage brass leaf, and the artist locket with it’s painterly smudges and tiny little paintbrush…

bouquetartistSee them in the shop.

lightningearrings1The lightning earrings were an old Bonbi Forest staple and have always been so popular but for a while I couldn’t find a decent supply of the large brass lightning bolts integral to their asymmetric design…the good old internet came up trumps though and they are back in stock, hurrah! Only £10.50 too and available HERE! I have also made a new pouch for the scarves, hand printed with a little gradient of navy and fluorescent pink, so all scarves now come packaged in one of these, pictured below with a scattering of the tiny Artist Locket paintbrushes which are just too sweet not to mention!

paintbrushesbagsTalking of jewellery meet Morwenna, my wonderful sister-in-law and the new Bonbi Forest jewellery assistant! She’s pretty nifty with a pair of pliers and helps me out making a good deal of the Bonbi Forest pieces these days, you guys are certainly keeping her hands far from idle. Here we are goofing around modelling for a video promo for our friend Gemma’s new vintage hire company, Box & Cox (check them out!) Naturals, I think you will agree!


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Pretty printy!

When I made the little lovers scarves earlier in the year I LOVED how the big painty smudges came out with the little scattered hearts with eyes and I’ve been playing with painty smudges again, this time in a new paint spots design.

When I started painting the spots I knew I wanted to incorporate some Bonbi style foliage into the design but wasn’t sure whether it should be part of the paint spots or separate. I had a couple of experiments (One pictured here which I may just yet use…) but settled on the plain spots which I worked some leaves into when I made the final design in that ever trusty tool, Photoshop.

painty-flowers paint-spots-painted

It was nice to get back to basics with the paints and splatting the swishing the paint around to make this design. It is available on a scarf which is printed in a lovely dark blue with coral (who doesn’t love a bit of blue and coral?!) and reminiscent of a camp fire burning in the darkening night…It’s the the perfect shoulder wrap for those chillier summer evenings. That’s how I’ll be wearing mine!

I have also developed new tea towels for the shop…just in time to make doing the drying a bit less dull when you would rather be out running around taking in the fresh air and the sunshine!


All available in the shop…

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Birds, birds, birds…

There are a couple of new birds cards in the shop. They were painted at the same time as I painted the Jackdaw and Blue Bird that have been adorning Bonbi Forest cards for a couple of years now but for some reason I printed some cards that I took to fairs but never got around to putting them in the shop…until now!

new bird cardsAutumn Bird and Golden Bird are in the same format as Jackdaw and Blue Bird and make a nice little set I think. I may just add to it too seeing as there are so many real birds to paint and even more to dream up…

bdf0e318d28b11e19d0222000a1cdb16_7The paper goods section of the shop has had quite the spruce up this week and there is more to come! Take a look at all of the cards and prints HERE.

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It’s been a busy printing time…


It’s been a busy printing time recently, lots and lots of scarves have been made in the last few weeks to keep up with orders and get on top of stock and the box I keep them in (up there under the bench looking rather empty!) is looking a much healthier for the time being, like it just ate 100 scarves. Phew.

I needed to get on top of it really, partially an over due new years resolution to stop needing to print to order so much and partially because I have a new design coming soon too! Watch this space, it’s coming with a couple of new jewellery designs in tow AND some new home wares as well. Exciting, non?

Can I keep on top of the printing now? Ha, only time will tell…


In other news, I have had a lovely couple of interviews written recently too. If you so wish to read them, one can be found on the blog of one of our lovely Bonbi Forest stockists, Artsy Modern HERE!

The other interview is in print in Homemaker Magazine and comes complete with a screen printed tea towel tutorial, hurrah!


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To the stars and into the wilderness…

I am lucky enough to live in a place where there is very little light pollution and on a clear night you can see millions of stars, even the Milky Way, so it’s inevitable that they find their way into my work so often…the sky at night is so fascinating!


The latest jewellery features more of their twinkling forms on the new Galaxies collar necklaces and earrings, little etched ones filled with gold on the pink metallic version and left white and contrasting on the blue ones. There is also the Wild horses collar, a nod to the countryside and the free sound of thundering hooves (one of my favourite sounds no less) and their matching Good Luck Horse Shoe Earrings.

galaxies-earrings-blue goodluckshoes

I design these pieces in illustrator and it has been a challenge learning not only the application but also giving it my own touch. The tools in Illustrator seem to make things very clean and lets be honest, I have a bit of a wayward hand which favours a more wobbly line and I really wanted to reflect that. I didn’t want the stars or the horses and the diamond shapes of the earrings to be too uniform or neat but lots of messing with them later, I managed to give them that Bonbi Forest touch! I gave the collars a little preppy scalloped edge and a hulking great Swarovski crystal and the earrings have the trademark brass star hanging from one of the back butterflies…they are pretty cute, I hope you like them.


This is the first post on the all new Bonbi Forest blog by the way! The old one is still live if you wanted to catch up on past goings on here at Bonbi Forest, it can be seen here –>

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