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Peachy Sky Inspiration…


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Mother’s Day!

Have you got a little something with which to treat your mama this Mother’s Day? There’s a few ideas in the Bonbi shop dontcha know, and if you order by 12 noon on Thursday 12th it will get to you in time!


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I’ve been looking out a few originals that I made last year to add to the shop, including this sketch for ‘Apple Eaters’ which was made into a five colour screen print (available here). It’s one of my favourites!

I’m hoping to have them in the shop soon…

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.38.59

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In the studio

Bonbi Forest Bird scarves Bonbi Forest Lockets Bonbi Forest Mini Scarf Stack Bonbi Forest PS Colours Bonbi Forest Scarf Bags Bonbi Forest Valentines Production

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Love tokens

Hey! It’s been a while…You guys kept us SO busy over Christmas and January was very busy too, so much so that we’ve been busy trying to stock up but are still having to make lots to order! So first off I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has ordered from us recently, you are helping to keep this Bonbi dream alive and I am very grateful to you.ATLast Autumn I was working away on some new enamel pieces which I am very happy to finally have in my mitts and they are now available on the website… They have been a long time coming as I have dreamed about enamel pieces for a couple of years now. At last the planets have aligned and I have been able to put them into production and the first pendants are a mini collection based around the themes of love and connection, handily being launched in time for Valentines!

They aren’t just for Valentines though, the idea for them was to create a love token of sorts, not just for romantic love but also for love between relatives and friends…any connection where bonds and love are strong enough to last forever. The You Hold the Key piece with it’s traditional love heart shape portrays romance while the image of flowers held together by the infinity symbol bow on the Always Together pendant depicts connection and warmth.

You can also make them a special memento with the addition of personalised initials, perhaps for you and a significant other or for a mother and her children. They are also available without the initials, perfect to wear as a symbol of your love for another or as an anonymous gift from a guy to a gal perhaps? Cute, eh?

They are available in the shop now in gold and silver versions…have a lookie HERE!YHTKIn other news the brilliant Amelia’s Magazine posted a catch up interview with me last week. I talk about motherhood, inspiration, the new collection and gush a bit about Cornwall. You can read it HERE!Ameliainterview


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We’re joining in too…

black-friday14You are probably well aware of Black Friday, that day of the year when a lot of people receive their last pay packet before Christmas and thoughts turn towards buying gifts for Christmas…that is unless you are super organised and have started or done all your shopping already…HOW? Christmas organisational tips always happily received here!

The internet shopping land goes crazy on Black Friday offering all sorts of wonderful discounts and you have probably received a ton of promotional emails advertising so…ours too I hope. So, Bonbi fans, I don’t want you to miss out here and if you are in the market for some BF goodies for gift giving or self treating purposes you can have a sweet 30% off* your order until midnight on Sunday!

Enter the code BLACK14 at checkout and that lil discount is all yours…

*Please be aware that this doesn’t apply to original artwork or any items that are already in the sale section of the shop and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer…

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Let it Snow…

There’s no denying it, now Halloween is out of the way Christmas is coming. Personally I love Christmas, even more so now I have a nearly 2 year old daughter to enjoy it with! For me it’s a time to catch up with family and friends, rest and eat too much. I also love buying those I love their gifts, picking things I know they need and choosing something I know they will love. It’s so much FUN!

I couldn’t let the season pass by without having some fun with some festive pieces. A white Christmas is sadly for most of us a pipe dream these days but it’s still nice to wish for that Christmas of old perfection so I went with the lovely phrase ‘Let it Snow’ on a banner surrounded by little flecks of snow and of course, a crescent moon!letitsnow1The new design is available either hand screen printed on one of our super comfy slouch sweaters or on an illustrated locket where it is accompanied by a scattering of snowy and sparkly Swarovski Crystals and brass snowflake charms.lislocketsThe lockets have been garnering quite a lot if interest from the press lately too, featured here in The Wealdon Times and Essentials Magazine…Do let me know if you spot them anywhere else!There are also a couple of Christmas cards available, one with a robin amongst a pattern of holly, berries and little golden flecks and another of a wintery swanChristmas cards

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Short and sweet!


It’s been a while coming but I have finally organised for the illustrated lockets to be made available on shorter chains for you!

A few people have asked in the past for chains to be shortened which got me to thinking that while the lockets are lovely on their looong chains, sometimes an outfit just needs a hit of something shiny at the neckline doesn’t it? So now you can nab your favourite design on a 46cm chain as well as the original 68cm chain…(except for sale items)

Have a lookie at them all in the necklaces section of the shop HERE!


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Marine Life

I have been meaning to post about the new Girls Who Draw Marine Life postcard book for AGES but as usual life has made sure this little blog gets seen to last on the list…right now though I have a moment so I would like to give them a post of their own because frankly, they are awesome.

marinebooksIf you aren’t familiar with the Girls Who Draw postcard books this paragraph is for you, if you are then skip on! Girls Who Draw are an all female group of illustrators and artists who produce a limited edition postcard book once a year along a certain theme. I have been involved in the last three years, Mythical Creatures, Masquerade and now Marine Life…we each get two postcard books each to illustrate and being an interchangeable line up 12 of us that makes a whole 24 postcards per book!


marinecards1 marinecards2I loved this years theme of Marine Life, what with living by the coast, undersea worlds and boat/ sea vistas often find their way into my work so it was a nice excuse to paint more on this theme!

As well as my Seahorse and Octopus, this year’s book features the work of Alexandra Snowdon, Alys paterson, Anke Weckmann, Belinda Chen, Caroline Pratt, Jane McGuinness, Karoline Rerrie, Kristyna Baczynski, Laura-Kate Chapman, Ruth Green and Yee Ting Kuit.

Seahorse:marineseahorseOctopus:marineoctopusYou can find the books for sale HERE and be sure to check out the last couple of years books too of which I have a few left in the paper goods section of the shop…Pull the postcards out to send to friends, frame, prop on the mantlepiece or keep the book intact, the choice is yours!

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Reach out…

There are two new pieces in the shop: A scarf of hand stalks and a double chain necklace of reaching hands!

Hands are symbolic of so much in many different cultures. To me they are the means of my trade, in making things, my work has what we call ‘the hand of the artist’ showing in many aspects of it, from the hand applied images of the lockets to the screen prints and paintings. In another way they represent warmth and kindness, a hug, someone reaching out to help, holding hands with a beau or giving reassurance to a baby bean. I made these two pieces with those things in mind…

Hand-Stalks---Close-UpThe scarf features stalks, like trees or flowers but with hands reaching towards each other across a sky of stars…I like to think that when the scarf is worn as a shawl it is like a group hug of arms and hands wrapped around you. Ahhhh! It can be seen in the shop HERE.handsThe necklace has a hand on the locket reaching up and a raw brass stamped hand reaching down. It’s all black and gold and has a double chain…ready made and matchy layering!

Find it HERE in the shop…reachinghands1I have also put the prints from my last blog post in the shop too, they are available framed or unframed…head to the originals section of the shop to have a look!

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